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COVID-19: Testing our Mettle

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

March 20, 2020 Note: I am updating this blog with new information.

This is why staying home, if you can, is important.

Update to my March 20th Post:

La Plata County is now at 51 confirmed cases with no fatalities. Experts from public health, who I trust to give accurate and honest messages, tell us that all of the sacrifices people are making are indeed paying off. The graphic above is now well-known and shows that staying at home is indeed flattening the curve. Yesterday, on the 20th of April, Coloradoans heard from Governor Polis that the stay at home orders the State put in place on will starting next week be an advisory not mandatory. There will still be orders in place around this new policy. There has been much written about how to "open up", our businesses, events, schools, child care centers, government offices and on and on.


March 20th POST

Like many of you, I am at home working as this global pandemic has reached our communities in La Plata County not in terms of a known case (note blog date) but officials tell us the virus is very likely here. The last time Colorado saw a public health crisis like this was during the flu epidemic of 1918-19 when 7,500 Coloradans lost their lives. There are many stories. I lost three great grandparents in that pandemic. They lived in a mining town near Colorado Springs. So, this situation, for many reasons, weighs heavily and tests our collective mettle.

I believe COVID-19 will end up being the most impactful crisis the county has ever faced in my lifetime. We have survived many hard times before such as the Black Ridge, Missionary Ridge, Valley and "416" Wildfires, and ensuing flooding, and then the Gold King Mine Spill. In my observations, elected officials, county staff and others benefit those they serve by:

· Making adjustments and adapting: Often, there is not a step-by-step guide for how a government should deal with a crisis especially one like COVID-19. I do know our officials are working around the clock to respond, keep us safe and stop the spread. In some cases, there is a policy manual or law in place to guide decisions. In other instances, learning while doing, and being flexible and changing course are each necessary steps.

· Advocating for citizens: We need more testing here. I was pleased to read this morning (March 20th) that it looks like a testing facility will be opened up at the La Plata County Fairgrounds (refer to local media for information). Rural and rural/resort communities in Colorado had previously been left out of public testing leaving us unprotected and unaware.

· Effectively working at all levels of government: County Government does not respond to crises by working in a silo. Many partners are involved. One reason our officials are on the phone all day is because inter- and intra-governmental cooperation and action is absolutely vital to a coordinated, effective response.

· Making tough calls: No one wants the people they serve to have to social distance or close their business or cancel events. However, in order to save lives and avoid completely overloading our health care systems, these things must be done for COVID-19. The County's mission is to: ...protect the health, safety and welfare of the people.

· Communicating: It is imperative that our governments employ every tool possible to communicate with residents. Since 1000s of people are at home and many have a lot of fear and anxiety, they want information whether by phone, radio, teleconferences, social media feeds or print media ~ and especially now, from on-line sources. As a side note, this situation points out another reason extending internet services and broadband throughout La Plata County is so important.

Now, to the "Marsha for Commissioner" campaign. I never would have predicted I would be running for a public office in a time I cannot be out in public. I am making adjustments and have canceled all events, and it's a small price to pay for safety. See the graphics in this post which show why social distancing isn't just a good idea, it saves lives.

In a few weeks, be looking for a "Zoom" Town Hall, a survey you can fill out on affordable housing solutions, and more. You can always call or email me with ideas, blog feedback, etc.

I will be participating remotely in the Democrat County Assembly on 3/28/20 which is how I get on the ballot. The General Election is 11/3/20.

Finally, I'm finding ways to help others. My ideas and please share yours are: donate to the Durango Food Bank or another food bank near you; order take out more often; call an elderly neighbor and leave a card on her/his door; donate blood; and/or give money to help those in need including employees laid off from the numerous businesses impacted. See resources below.

Be well and safe. We'll get through this and we'll figure it out together.



Marsha Porter-Norton

Democrat for La Plata County Commissioner

Proven leadership for healthy communities and a strong economy

Engage, Donate and Volunteer here:

Contact me here: or 970-403-5680

Facebook: Marsha for Commissioner@MPNfortheWIN

Vote your Values. Vote for Marsha.

COVID-19 Resources:

Community Emergency Relief Fund

Southwest Colorado Disaster Assistance

San Juan Basin Health:

State of Colorado’s COVID site:

Ways to help, statewide:

Help for people impacted in La Plata County:

Community Emergency Relief Fund, a project of the Community Foundation serving Southwest Colorado

Why social distancing is so important...

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