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"I worked closely with Marsha in the planning and facilitation of dozens of extremely complex public meetings with multiple stakeholders representing the rich diversity of interests in our region's populace. Without exception, Marsha was a consummate professional with a keen ability to understand multiple viewpoints, taking care to make sure everyone felt heard and understood. Her leadership will be a true and rare gift to La Plata County!"

-- Tami Graham
Community Leader


To the editor, Durango Telegraph
     "As a nurse, I can’t think of a more important skill than listening. Marsha Porter-Norton has that skill in spades. Marsha has demonstrated the skill to listen and then distill the important wishes and needs of a group into a workable focus of common goals and action. I met Marsha during in the early 2000s, a time when basic health care for seniors, families and kids was sorely lacking in our county. The provider out of Alamosa, Valley Wide, had suddenly pulled out of La Plata County leaving many with no provider and no access to essential/ basic health care.
     Our group, the Community Health Action Coalition, worked very hard to get these services back. I am happy to report there are now many options for everyone. Marsha has always been one of the calmest voices at the table. Since then, I have seen her as the facilitator at many meetings when the topic was contentious. Again, she remained the steady, even voice that sought out opinions and needs, but kept order and focus on problem-solving.
     Can you think of a skill we need more in these polarized days? I’m voting for Marsha! I hope everyone will look into her work and volunteer history and see the skills and experiences she would bring to the table. She is for healthy communities and a strong, vibrant economy. You can find out more at: The election is Nov. 3."
– Lynne Murison, Durango


"Marsha Porter-Norton is the perfect choice for La Plata County commissioner. I’ve known Marsha for over 20 years and found her to be an intelligent, dedicated and consummate professional.   Marsha was born and raised in Southwest Colorado and her knowledge of the needs of our communities is essential to being a county commissioner.  In this era of divisiveness, Marsha brings people together to keep our communities strong, healthy and cohesive."  

Dennis A. Lum

Letter in the Durango Herald

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Endorsed by Barry the Bear!  

US Senator Michael Bennet 
State Representative Barbara McLachlan 
Current County Commissioners

Commissioner Julie Westendorff

Commission Gwen Lachelt

Commissioner Clyde Church

Former County Commissioners 

Josh Joswick

Wally White

Bob Lieb

District Attorney

Christian Champagne 

Town of Bayfield

Mayor Ashleigh Tarkington

Trustee David Black 

 Former City of Durango City Councilors

Christina Rinderle

 Sweetie Marbury 

Dick White


Community Members

Chris Aaland

Betsy Adams

Kathleen Adams 

Pattie Adler

John and Cissy Anderson 

Terra Anderson 

Bruce Baizel 

Britt Bassett 

Sherrod Beall 

Sally Bellerue

Marcie and Ryan Bidwell 

Ann Bond 

Gene and Sally Bradley 

Buz Bricca

Nick Brothers 

Jimbo Buickerood 

Tammy Burden

Sam Burns 

Nancy Burpee 

Dee Dee Carlson 

Ken and Lois Carpenter 

Sheila Casey 

Paulette Church 

Burt Coleman

Julie Cooley 

Lauri Costello, M.D. 

Margaret Cozine

Beth Crane

Alice Crapo 

Jay Culver 

Libby Culver

Patrick Cummins 

Carol Cure 

Char Day

Janet Defratus

Deedee deHaro-Brown 

Laurie Dickson 

Barbara and Bill Dodds 

Larry Eads 

Martha Elbert

Wanda Ellingson & John Condie

Sue B Earl 

Thomas Echenrode 

Heather Erb

Nora Flucke 

Ken and Susie Francis

Doug Fults 

Tom  Givon 

Tami Graham

Laura Godfrey 

Donna Graves

Sheryl Guy

Gail Harriss 

Shelly Hartney 

Beth Henchel 

George Hepner 

Mary Hockett

Dominique Holling

Michael Hudson & Ann Stringfellow

Patty Isensee

Illona Hruska and Mark Swanson

Gary Jenkins 

Jennifer Jones

Tara Kiene 

Bob Kuhnert 

Craig Larson 

William LeMaire

Felicia Libo 

Lloyd Lifton 

Susan Koonce  & John Lyons 

Marilyn Leftwich 

Frank Lockwood 

Jenn Glau Lopez 

Cherrie Lum 

Laura Lewis Marchino 

Tom McCampbell 

Amy McClintock

Marilyn McCord

Anne Markward

Julie Meadows

Bonnie and Tom Miller 

Stephanie Moran 

Jackie Morlan

Lynne Murison

Rick O'Block 

Mary and Bob Oswold 

Stephens (Steve) Parker 

MS Pearlman

Tom Penn

Anna Peterson 

Eb and K Redford 

Anne Evrado - Rhodes

Wendy Rice 

Randy Roberts 

Cynthia Roebuck 

Missy Rodey 

Mary and Bob Rubadeau

Steve and Deb Ruddell

Marcia Sabeti 

Janice Sheftel

Lynne Scholler 

John and Aline Schwob

Marsha Schuetz

Pat Senecal

Jill Seyfarth

Kate Shelton 

Nancy and Robert Shanks 

Mary Kay Shellman

Jon and Kathy Sherer 

Tom Shipps 

 Elaine Slade

Karen Soltes 

Jigger and Paul Staby

Chelsea Steck

Ellen Stein

 Karen Thompson 

Liza and Peter Tregillus 

Rachel Turial 

Jack D. Turner 

Shaila Van Sickle 

Susan Ulery 

 Bill and Chris Warren

Nancy Wharton

John Whitney 

Nancy Wiley 

Pat Wilson 

Louise Van Vonno 

 Lisa Weber 

Cheryl Wiescamp

Karen Zink 



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